Netscape Navigator is a 3D virtual space I created in the spring of 2013. It was part of an installation I made to celebrate simulated realities and the endless creative potential of the digital.


The images displayed here are from an installation in the Nursery Gallery at the London College of Communication.

As you take a seat in front of the computer and play the game you take on the role of a cyber-flâneur in a world of glitches, Google street-views, optical illusions, fine art and piles of pixel garbage.

While playing the game the user was recorded using an Xbox Kinect camera and the point clouds it captured were live streamed into the virtual space, as well as being streamed to a shrine in honor of the dying race of cyber-surfers and romantics from an age of Internet Explorers and Netscape Navigators. (This feature has been disabled in the down-loadable version.)

The exhibition also contained various photographs including a collection of people immersed in arcades, a 20x24in print of a set constructed from discarded hardware as well as 16 screen grabs from the creation of a 3D landscape.

Along with this I also made six new astrology signs. My asterisms are abstract shapes constructed from city-lights at night, glowworms in a cave or glitches from Google's Sky.


If you do choose to download and play the game then the controls are as follows:

W - Forward

A - Right strafe

S - Backwards

D - Left strafe

Space - Jump

Mouse - Look around


Colliding with things will load new scenes, curiosity will reward you.


How do you break thru the noise of the internet? Taken from Hipsterrunoff