17.03.18 Haywood Gallery


Great to be participating in the first round of exhibitions at Ben Haywood's new and fun pop up gallery in Borough Market.

Link:  https://thehaywoodgallery.tumblr.com



24.01.18 The winner of Reykjavík Museum of Photography Portfolio Review


"We are happy to announce that the winner of the Portfolio Review 2018, organized by the Reykjavík Museum of Photography on 19th and 20th January – as part of The Icelandic Photography Festival 2018 – is the MA student Þorsteinn Cameron. For this, he received ISK 500,000 grant from Magnús Ólafsson photographers‘(1862-1937) Memorial Fund."

Link: https://reykjavik.is/frettir/vinningshafi-ljosmyndaryni-ljosmyndasafns-reykjavikur



21.10.17 Icelandic Visual Arts Copyright Association Project Grant


Lines for these lands received a project grant from the Myndstef Copyright Association to help finance an exhibition and a small publication, thank you!

Link: http://www.myndstef.is